At Mersey Youth Rowing (WYR) we have a team of Trustees, Ambassadors and Coaches from a range of business backgrounds, all of whom have a vested interest in the work we do. Find out more about them below:


Elaine Nesbitt (Chair of Trustees)

Elaine has a wealth of experience as a Company Director and working for the Civil Service. Before becoming a Trustee Elaine was a regular volunteer for WYR. Elaine is now looking after the administration of WYR including all HR and Safeguarding matters.

Ben Dunne (Trustee)

A former rower, Ben is now a highly regarded professional in the education sector. Ben’s knowledge of the education system is invaluable to our team.

Jen Argent (Trustee)

A former junior rower at Warrington Rowing Club who was coached by Richard, Jen has since gone on to become a qualified solicitor and supports the team with her legal knowledge. She is our youngest trustee.

Alison Campbell (Trustee)

Dr Alison Campbell has a longstanding interest in rowing and has supported her daughters’ passion of the sport for many years at Northwich Rowing Club. Alison is Chief Scientific Officer of the Care Fertility Group and a Consultant Embryologist.


Richard Sinnott (Chief Executive Officer)

As a long standing and well-respected junior rowing coach, Richard brings a large bank of rowing experience and knowledge to Warrington Youth Rowing.  As Chief Executive Officer, he heads up the coaching team and manages the day to day operation of the Charity.

Richard Kong (Accountant)

With a strong background in accounting, this makes Richard the ideal person to look after our books.

Coaching Team

Martha Daniels

Martha is studying for a Masters in Psychology at the University of Liverpool.  She was a keen member of York City Rowing Club and competed for them at national level.  She is a regular member of the Mersey Youth Rowing coaching team.

Ellie McQuaire

Ellie has been rowing for 10 years and most recently she was Captain of her University rowing club.  She is a member of the coaching team for Mersey Youth Rowing.

Beth Hoggarth

Beth is an ex-junior rower based in the North West.  She found out about the Youth Rowing programme from her sister who coached for Mersey Youth Rowing previously hence, making it a family affair!

Libby Myers

Libby was a junior rower at Warrington Rowing Club and won medals at national level; she is now a Masters’ student at the University of Liverpool.  She has been a regular coach at Mersey Youth Rowing.

Libby Ackerman

Libby started rowing at Evesham Rowing Club. She them moved to Liverpool to study at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and is a talented musician. She now rows at Warrington Rowing Club. Libby can be found coaching for Mersey Youth Rowing (MYR).


Paul Johansen

Paul Johanson

Paul is a graduate of Sports Science from Liverpool John Moores University. He has been involved in the sport of rowing for a number of years and has gained a lot of experience working with young people in challenging situations. Paul was the lead coach in Liverpool, as well as regular helper at Warrington. He is now an ambassador.





Zoe Knowles

Professor Zoe Knowles is based at LJMU School of Sport and Exercise Sciences. She is the first female Chair of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (2020-2023). As a HCPC Registered Psychologist Zoe has supported Warrington Rowing Club for many years through consultancy and also supervising student/intern placements.