Rowing is a sport which brings out the best in people.

Warrington Youth Rowing is a new initiative designed to introduce a wide range of young people in Warrington to the sport of rowing. These youngsters would previously have imagined rowing to be an elitist sport and not accessible to them. One of our aims is to open up the sport of rowing and shed its elitist image.

Our vision is to help to bring out the best in the young people on our programme, helping them develop a whole range of skills which will serve them in their future, as well as improving self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience and life skills.

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Our Partner Schools:

  • Beamont Collegiate Academy
  • Birchwood Community High School
  • Bridgewater High School
  • Cardinal Newman Catholic High School
  • Culcheth High School
  • King’s Leadership Academy
  • Padgate Academy
  • Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School
  • The Kassia Academy

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Indoor Rowing Competition 2022

              The fourth Indoor Rowing event took place at Birchwood Leisure and Tennis Complex on Thursday 12th February. It was the first such event since before the pandemic and [...]

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