Risks of photography


  • Children may be identifiable when a photograph is shared with personal information
  • Risks to children and young people when photographs are shared on websites/social media
  • Inappropriate photographs of children
  • Inappropriate use, adaption or copying of images




  • Do not use children’s full names in photograph captions.
  • Obtain parental consent for a child to be photographed and videoed and for this to be retained for marketing and promotional purposes
  • Obtain the child’s consent to use the image
  • To respect the wishes of the child if they do not wish to be photographed
  • Only use photographs of children in suitable clothing to reduce the risk of inappropriate use.
  • Only to take photographs in suitable environments i.e. on the water or in the gym. Photographs are never to be taken in the changing rooms.
  • Do not allow external photographers unsupervised access to children (i.e. at races or events)
  • Images or video recordings of children must be kept securely i.e. if they are held on a mobile phone, laptop or memory stick this must be encrypted using a secure password.