At Mersey Youth Rowing (WYR) we have a team of Trustees, Ambassadors and Coaches from a range of business backgrounds, all of whom have a vested interest in the work we do. Find out more about them below:


Richard Sinnott (Coach and Trustee)

As a long standing and well-respected junior rowing coach, Richard brings a large bank of rowing experience and knowledge to the trustee team. He heads up our coaching team and is the Chairman of the Trustees.

Ben Dunne (Trustee)

A former rower, Ben is now a highly regarded professional in the education sector. Ben’s knowledge of the education system is invaluable to our team. Ben is not only a trustee of WYR, he is also a trustee of the River Reeves foundation.

Richard Kong (Accountant)

With a strong background in accounting, this makes Richard the ideal person to look after our books.

Trustees of Warrington Youth Rowing
Richard S, Ben and Richard K

Jen Argent (Trustee)

A former junior rower at Warrington Rowing Club who was coached by Richard, Jen has since gone on to become a qualified solicitor and supports the team with her legal knowledge. She is our youngest trustee.

Elaine Nesbitt (Trustee)

Elaine has a wealth of experience as a Company Director and working for the Civil Service. Before becoming a Trustee Elaine was a regular volunteer for WYR. Elaine is now looking after the administration of WYR including all HR and Safeguarding matters.

Coaching Team

James Cox

James is studying at LJMU and is a keen rower. He can be found coaching at The Watersports Centre in Liverpool as one of our coaches for Mersey Youth Rowing.

John Impey

John is a very experienced coach.  He is currently coaching at Agecroft Rowing Club and Salford University Boat Club.

Laurent Auchterlonioe

After studying and rowing at Manchester University, Lauren has now commenced training with the GB Start Programme.

Orla Holohan

Libby started rowing at Evesham Rowing Club. She them moved to Liverpool to study at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and is a talented musician. She now rows at Warrington Rowing Club. Libby can be found coaching for Mersey Youth Rowing (MYR).

Caleb Vonk

Caleb joins us from his role as President of Salford University Boat Club where he has been an active rower and coach.


Graeme Thomas

Graeme is an experienced international oarsman and Olympian.  He started his rowing career at Agecroft Rowing Club and has stayed loyal to the Club ever since.  He is a keen supporter of the Youth Rowing project.